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Inspired by a Freshly Pressed post today, (congratulations Simon), I got to thinking that there are a few things that I have some kind of aversion to doing and therefore put off ~ and put off ~ then put off some more.

One of these is buying postage stamps. Another WordPress author has written a great post which features a grand idea for how never to run out of stamps. You can read the whole thing here:  Remembering to buy stamps.

My list of pet hate-to-dos:

  1. Buying postage stamps
  2. Putting mail in the mailbox
  3. Filling the car up with fuel, checking tyre pressure (in fact anything to do with going to the smelly garage)
  4. Going to the recycling station
  5. Taking back library books
  6. Changing bed sheets
  7. Taking the empty tea cup out of the bedroom and getting it to the kitchen sink
  8. Opening my non-personal mail; Responding with cheques; Writing back to explain, complain, praise etc… (see postage stamp issue above)
  9. Writing & sending Christmas cards
  10. Sorting my wardrobe for winter/summer apparel; Throwing away loved clothes that no longer fit me/will NEVER be in fashion again;
  11. Taking the DRY washing off the line and putting it away PROPERLY
  12. Finding the time to a) book b) remember the appointment to c) get to the hair salon
  13. Doing a proper shop ~ rather than what I just want to eat that day

So what’s the idea? There isn’t one really. I just wish I had the budget to have someone come round and do these for me. Mum! Where are you??? :0)


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